AAPTA Inc Multimedia policy


Australian Association of Physiotherapists Trained Abroad (AAPTA) Inc. seeks to ensure that the privacy of each individual is respected and protected in relation to their identity.

AAPTA’s multimedia policy will inform the relevant stakeholders of the appropriate use of photographic images, audio and video captured/recorded as a part of or during AAPTA activities (including promotional activities). The Policy sets out the grounds upon which the “Live” skype sessions/webinars, clinical sessions/study days/mock exams, meetings including committee meetings, social and networking events content can be recorded and used.

This policy applies to AAPTA leadership group, committee members, volunteers, members, participants of AAPTA workshop/study days/mock exam/coaching services and the relevant external stakeholders (henceforth identified as users or stakeholders).

It is expected that all the relevant stakeholders of AAPTA Inc. must comply with the policy. AAPTA Inc. reserves the right to make the person/s liable in the circumstances of the breach of this policy.

Policy Statement

  1. The policy explicitly states that participants and/or attendees of AAPTA facilitated courses, workshops, mock exams, coaching sessions, and webinars are NOT allowed to make/capture/record any photographic images, audio/video recordings during their involvement/attendance/participation with AAPTA’s activities. The participation includes in person (face to face), online (skype/webinars) and over the phone.
  2. The policy states that AAPTA team (leadership team, committee, coordinators, mentors, volunteers nominated by AAPTA) may choose to collect audio/video recordings, photographic images as part of or during AAPTA activities/events. The images and audio/video recordings collected may be used for the following purposes:
  • To recognise and acknowledge the achievements of our members, non-members, volunteers and committee members.
  • To promote the services and activities of AAPTA Inc. among Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) aspiring community
  • As part of creating and providing additional learning resources for AAPTA’s users (current and future)
  • To accommodate AAPTA’s users (from all categories) whose circumstances require a more flexible learning environment (e.g. online/web-based learning)
  • For Research purposes (we may endeavour to contact you for further information regarding research project)

Multimedia Consent

It is required for all the relevant stakeholders to who this policy applies to complete and sign the "Multimedia Consent Form" attached as Appendix 1 below if their image/audio-video recording(s) are to be used by AAPTA Inc. for the reasons specified in the policy statement.   

Once the users agree through the registration process (via website) and/or permission is granted in written or verbal, this permission applies to all forms of multimedia of the individual including photographic images, audio and video images.

AAPTA Inc. does not share or sell any images/Audio-video recordings of individuals to any third party for commercial/marketing purposes and does not release any images/Audio-video unless required by law to do so.

Individuals under the age of 18 years and adults who are unable to make an informed decision or make their decision known, require permission to be granted by their parent or legal guardian to read, understand and wherever possible to complete and sign the "Multimedia Consent Form" (This section only applies for Social and networking events being held with family invitation including children).

How will your personal information be protected?

AAPTA takes its privacy obligations very seriously under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). AAPTA will collect, use, record, disclose and store individual’s information in accordance with the law. Please refer to AAPTA’s privacy policy for further details.

Withdrawal of Consent

Individuals are able to modify or withdraw their consent in writing at any time. Please contact AAPTA Inc. if you wish to withdraw your consent at any time.

Record keeping

AAPTA Inc. ensures the confidentiality of the completed consent forms, photographs and audio-video recordings.

Multimedia recorded by AAPTA Team, Members/Volunteers and/or Mentors

All photographic images and audio/video recordings collected by AAPTA team members/Volunteers and/or Mentors on behalf of AAPTA Inc. are owned by AAPTA Inc. regardless of who owns the equipment used to record the images/audio-video. Images, audio-video must be sent to AAPTA Inc. representative and/or committee member as soon as possible and deleted from the recording device such as a camera or phone. 

Privacy Complaints

AAPTA Inc. Privacy Policy contains details of how you may make a complaint about a breach of your privacy.

Review of Image Policy

AAPTA Inc. is committed to continuous improvement; to ensure this, the policy will be reviewed annually and/or from time to time as required. 

Policy V1- Updated 17-12-19