Welcome to AAPTA (Australian Association of Physiotherapists Trained Abroad) Incorporated.

AAPTA is a Not-for-Profit and values-driven organisation that represents the best interests of overseas qualified Physiotherapists choosing to practice Physiotherapy in Australia. AAPTA is a pioneer in establishing a network that connects and brings all the overseas physiotherapists together onto one platform; this is the place where learning and success are achieved through sharing, caring and supporting with a spirit of giving back to the community.

AAPTA consists of a diversified group of physiotherapists with a common belief that nothing is impossible. In AAPTA, we believe that with appropriate support, the overseas trained physiotherapists can meet the challenges of registration and recognition as a Physiotherapist in Australia; AAPTA aspires to develop a physiotherapy community that has a strong foundation to deliver physiotherapy services that result in positive and best health outcomes for the Australian community. We strongly feel that the only way we can achieve this is by every member playing their little role in helping and supporting each other in the spirit of AAPTA values. Over the past many years (since AAPTA’s inception) we have stood by these beliefs, subsequently, we have been a part of many success stories of AAPTA members.

AAPTA is committed to delivering professional and high quality mentoring and coaching services to its members to help them gain the confidence, communication, relevant knowledge and clinical skills in the area of cardio-respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy areas. These services assist members not only in their preparation for Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) exams but also in delivering the highest standards of care to the Australian community beyond the exams. AAPTA’s services are delivered by a passionate group of physiotherapists with AAPTA values ingrained into them; they are highly qualified clinicians and possess substantial clinical experience in the Australian public as well private health system.

AAPTA strives to create an alliance with other groups/organisations which can cater to the needs of overseas Physios, no matter how big or small the enterprises are!!

Our Story

AAPTA was founded on 24th of September 2006 by a group of passionate physiotherapists who were going through their own APC (Australian Physiotherapy Council) process (then known as AECOP); they had a great service attitude and believed in philosophy of “It’s not about me, give back to the community”; the group was established during the days when no support network was existing for overseas physiotherapists moving to Australia. Hence, AAPTA is known as a pioneer in this area.

Its founders had an insight into some of the key issues faced by overseas physiotherapists undertaking the APC exam process, such as lack of understanding of the clinical criteria’s to achieve a satisfactory outcome, lack of adequate resources, guidance and programs to aid in one's preparation for the APC exam process. The earlier predecessors of AAPTA wanted to make a real difference to the overseas physiotherapy community, by sharing their own personal and professional experience, with their successors. The sole aim of forming AAPTA was to support other overseas physiotherapists through their APC Journey and beyond.

AAPTA was initially launched on Yahoo Groups and operated as an online membership-based forum. AAPTA then introduced an array of professional services such as Skype sessions, study days, mock exams, coaching and internal review etc. to its members, in order to the meet the growing needs of the overseas physiotherapy community. AAPTA later (2012) commenced its operations on Facebook also to allow members reaching out for AAPTA services more easily and conveniently. AAPTA continued to grow over the years with a significant increase in membership, with continued quality improvement and expansion of its services that directly reflected in an increase in the number of success stories of AAPTA members. More than a decade on, AAPTA marches on with its committed pool of volunteers who pride in its core values of Sharing, Learning and Volunteering.

In AAPTA, we strive to be a leader in developing capabilities of overseas qualified physiotherapists to contribute to better health of the Australian community. So, if you are an overseas qualified physiotherapist who is in pursuit of gaining general physiotherapy registration in Australia and keen to get help, support and be part of an established network, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or join AAPTA as a member. Membership is open to anyone who believed in our story and believed in our core values. Please click "SIGN IN" icon at the top of the webpage to apply for the premium membership.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

Be a leader in developing capabilities among overseas physiotherapists to contribute to better health of the Australian community.

Our Mission:

To provide collaborative support services and mentorship to overseas qualified Physiotherapists.

Our Belief:

All Physiotherapists trained overseas choosing to live in Australia can be productive members of the Australian workforce if provided with required support and training.

Our Values: 

Volunteering, Integrity, Teamwork, Diversity, Excellence & Perseverance