Rajkumar Mohanraj

Founder, Secretary, Treasurer and Mentor

Raj is a highly experienced Neurological Physiotherapist who holds Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education (India) and holds a Master of Physiotherapy (Neurological) degree from Melbourne.

Raj has extensive experience working as a Physiotherapist both in Australia and overseas. He initially worked in India for a year as a tutor and worked in Singapore for 2 years in the area of Neurological (Medical and Surgical) Physiotherapy. He has been working in Australia as a Physiotherapist since 2007 working across the continuum of care including Acute, Sub-acute, Ambulatory and Community health settings. During this time, he worked as a Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 Physiotherapist including as a Team Leader.   

More recently, he has been working with Eastern Health within "Early Supported Discharge" program for stroke patients at weekend and "Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) at Home" program during the weekdays.

Raj has a special interest in Stroke management and Geriatric population. He is very passionate about community-based programs that deliver care at patient homes. His Publications include Early Mobilization After Stroke Is Not Associated With Cognitive Outcome Findings From AVERT. He contributed to the above paper as a blinded assessor reviewing patients post-stroke at 3 and 12 patients.

In addition to all of the above, Raj is a highly passionate leader and a very committed volunteer who always have the best intentions to contribute and make a difference to someone's life. The same passion and interest led him to form AAPTA in 2006 with a clear and strong intention to give back to the overseas trained Physiotherapists in Australia. Raj is not only the founder of AAPTA but has since contributed to the development of AAPTA while delivering mentoring and support services to the overseas Physiotherapists. 

Raj currently holds the roles of Secretary and Treasurer in AAPTA Inc.