Pooja Jethra

Social Event Coordinator & Ex. Mentor

Pooja is one of the senior mentors of AAPTA and has been part of the team for many years. She is a highly experienced and a very hard-working clinician with well over 10 years of clinical experience in the Australian Public Health sector.

Pooja was graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2006 from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India where she practiced for about 3 years in Critical Care & Cardiology. Since 2009, she has been working across both Public and Private Hospital system in Melbourne.

Pooja has been working with Alfred Health, one of the largest health networks in Victoria since 2010. She has worked across a range of clinical arears during her career with Alfred Health, including General Medical, General Surgical, Orthopedics, Emergency Department and Short-stay Observation Unit. Most recently she is working across Sandringham Hospital’s General Medical Ward and Caulfield Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Unit. Prior to that, Pooja had worked with Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, which is a leading Cancer Research, Treatment and Education center globally & with Epworth, which is the largest not-for-profit Private Hospital Group in Victoria. While she was with Epworth Pooja experienced working in Critical care, Surgical and Oncology ward & ICU.

Pooja has gained and demonstrated a high-standard and evidence based clinical assessment and treatment skills relevant to Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy. She is very compassionate and empathetic with her patients & always puts patient and their family in the center of her care. Commitment to learning and development has always been one of her key priorities.

She is always keen to do more (both at her work and outside of her work) and wants to give back to the Physiotherapy community. Her involvement with and selfless contribution to the overseas qualified Physiotherapy community in the form of mentoring and coaching is a simple example that demonstrates her commitment to the community. Pooja has been delivering coaching & mentoring services to AAPTA members for over 4 years now; over these years her passion and commitment to teaching only went in one direction i.e. upwards. AAPTA team considers Pooja as one of the most caring and humble people who is always there to support and help her fellow team members. Thanks to her work and involvement with AAPTA.