Coaching and Mentoring for APC Exam Preparation - (Available for Individuals and for Groups of Maximum 4)

AAPTA offers either individual or group coaching sessions for its members preparing for APC written and/or clinical exams.

  • AAPTA coaching sessions have been designed predominantly to cater for the needs of members living overseas/interstate and regional area of Australia (who may have limited access to resources that may be needed for exam preparation) who would like to learn more about a specific clinical area or topic or assessment & treatment skills and ideas. 
  • Coaching is also suitable for anyone who is simply keen to have an individualised session to achieve a set of specific learning objectives. 
  • Coaching is offered in all three clinical areas (Neuro, Cardio-respiratory and Musculoskeletal components) and is offered in person (face to face) and/or via Skype, based on member's request.
  • Coaching is facilitated by AAPTA's mentors who have considerable experience in the relevant clinical area.
  • Fees for the coaching sessions are simply based on a number of participants willing to have coaching who may have the same or similar learning objectives. 
  • Should you need further information on coaching sessions or you need assistance on reviewing and establishing your learning needs/goals/objectives, feel free to contact us at


Coaching session objectives

In addition to achieving the specific individual goals/objectives set out by the participant/s, the participant will also have an opportunity to learn to:

  • Further, develop an understanding of the APC clinical exam performance domains
  • Develop communication strategies useful for effective and culturally responsive communication with clients/patients 
  • Develop a prioritised assessment and treatment methods as per the patient needs, goals and wishes
  • Develop patient handling techniques and transfer methods under complex and unique circumstances
  • Develop an understanding of MDT in patient care planning and with discharge processes
  • Develop an understanding of community services and networks available in the Australian health system 
  • Understand one's strengths and weaknesses along with clear strategies to improve performance in the exam circumstances