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Event date : 31 December, 2023 - 31 December, 2023

Practice MCQ Test comprises of 120 MCQs (Paper 1 & 2- 60 each). (REGISTER ANYTIME AND TAKE IT ANYTIME )

Purpose of this test (Only): Passing is set up at 70%.


Please note that APC does not report the "Individual percentage" you will have received for your paper 1/2 combined. 

Please check the written exam booklet to understand how APC scores, mainly to understand this: " The cut-score of 500 on the scale represents the level of performance to pass a Paper as confirmed by the Assessment Committee and ensures that this standard is maintained over Written Assessment sessions, irrespective of differences between examination papers and/or cohorts of candidates."

"The scaled score reflects performance more accurately than a percentage since percentage score does not take into account the level of difficulty of an individual assessment paper. As such, the percentage of questions candidates answered correctly will not be reported."

"It is important to note that your scaled score is not an indication of how you performed on your assessment against your peers. It is instead an accurate representation of your individual performance against the standard to pass the Written Assessment".

So overall, you would not know the level of difficulty for APC written exam and then what would be 500 scale score would be for that session. 

That is why we have set a 70% pass for a practice session for AAPTA members/participants.

Before this new system is implemented by APC, it used to be "If you score 66 or more items correctly (out of 120), you will be invited to progress to the clinical assessment." - It means used to be 55% to proceed for the next clinical stage. 

Hope it helps to understand.


  • Register through our website
  • You will receive candidate login details for taking a “Practice Test paper 1 & 2 (120 MCQs) + FREE READINESS PRACTICE TEST (30 MCQs) = TOTAL 3 Exams in the Dashboard” within 24 hours
  • This test is online and can register anytime up until DEC- 2023 (REGISTER ANYTIME AND TAKE IT ANYTIME ). We will keep your login active once registered until DEC- 2023, so can take it anytime.

  1. For Practice Test, you will have an experience of going through MCQ Exam for APC
  2. You can view the result through your candidate login
  3. You will receive result through your email
  4. You can review your “Practice MCQs”, by going through your detailed report, if any explanation provided for correct answers
  5. By default: All questions are showing at “Average” difficulties. (Please disregard)


Only $50/ for both Paper 1 & 2 for Non-members

It is FREE to “Premium Members” at this stage.

Note: For Premium Members:

For any reason, if you are not able to register through our website: Please use this link to register, and will send you candidate log-in details within a specified timeframe (24 hrs).

PREMIUM MEMBER REGISTRATION LINK: Premium Member Registration Link- For Written MCQ Test (Paper 1 & 2)


Event venue : Online


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Registration fee : $ 50