Our Story

AAPTA was founded on 24th of September 2006 by a group of passionate physiotherapists who were going through their own APC (Australian Physiotherapy Council) process (then known as AECOP); they had a great service attitude and believed in philosophy of “It’s not about me, give back to the community”; the group was established during the days when no support network was existing for overseas physiotherapists moving to Australia. Hence, AAPTA is known as a pioneer in this area.

Its founders had an insight into some of the key issues faced by overseas physiotherapists undertaking the APC exam process, such as lack of understanding of the clinical criteria’s to achieve a satisfactory outcome, lack of adequate resources, guidance and programs to aid in one's preparation for the APC exam process. The earlier predecessors of AAPTA wanted to make a real difference to the overseas physiotherapy community, by sharing their own personal and professional experience, with their successors. The sole aim of forming AAPTA was to support other ...


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